Sunday, September 23, 2007


TimesSelect is dead! All hail the New York Times!

Well, it's not quite a coronation, but it's pretty cool. The NY Times has killed its online subscription service, meaning that its entire op-ed section, including columnists and several never-before-read-for-free blogs are not available to anyone who wants them.

At the moment, this includes a number of treats. We might start with Frank Rich's excellent argument that Larry Craig should be pardoned, exonerated, acquitted, or anything else that would make him not entirely guilty in the eyes of the law. The rest of the gang--Friedman, Krugman, Kristof, etc--are all free on demand. As is the entire archive (!).

Also kind of fun is the Times' meta-blog (for lack of a better term) The Opinionator. This is a clever little clearing house for current information on the topic of the day. For an interesting example, see Friday's post about Belgian national unity--or rather, the lack thereof.

Lastly, venerable academic loudmouth Stanley Fish has had his TimesSelect blog offered up for free. This is a neat trick indeed--it probably makes him, overnight, the most visible practicing academic in the country. I can't wait to waste hours reading this stuff.
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