Monday, April 30, 2007

Propaganda Blowback

The Washington Post has an interesting piece at the moment on the odd bind Republicans are in just now. Seems that part of the reason Republicans have remained largely loyal to failed policies in Iraq is that their constituents demand it.

The problem works like this. Elected Republicans, beholden to the voters who put them in office, have been forced to do what the conservative part of the electorate demands. Seems that Republican voters persist in believing either that the war was necessary or that it has been in some way successful. In any event, they remain convinced that any talk of withdrawal, disengagement, etc, is entirely out of the question. So their elected representatives, even if they're clever enough to disagree, are unable to publicly descent.

Call the phenomenon 'propaganda blowback'. Years after the Bush administration largely finished with lying to the American population about Iraq--at least about WMD, about the necessity for war., and so on--the Republican base acts as if it still believes things most of us now understand to be demonstrably false, if we ever believed them: that there was good reason to go to war, that a stable postwar situation was possible, that the current situation can be salvaged. Four years after Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz style propaganda ceased to serve a political purpose, it has become a genuine barrier to progress.

Core Republican voters seem to be as deluded on this as Bush himself.
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