Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hersh on Bush in Mid East

Seymour Hersh is as incisive and thoughtful as ever (as well as just plain scary) in this, an article on the new American policy in Iraq and the Middle East. The nut of it seems to be that the Bush admin has elected to actively encourage a broader divide between Sunnis and Shiites, so as to use the majority Sunnis of the region to hem in what they see as the more radicalised Shiites. It's a tricky argument to follow, and full of exceptions, but even with plenty of exceptions and qualifications it a) pretty frightening and b) a strategy with alarmingly little basis in fact.

On the other hand, here's pretty good evidence that regional leaders will resist any serious attempt to divide them. Perhaps--and it's an interesting thought--the region is simply to subtle, too complex to be that easily given over to foreign manipulation. Even by the most powerful country in history.
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