Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gore Again?

Everything old is new again. By the looks of things, Dick Chaney may be the only dinosaur not running for president in ’08. The list of second run candidates, along with former administration officials and Washington gadflies, running is extensive on both sides: Clinton, Richardson, Biden, McCain, even the once-extinct Newt Gingrich. It’s enough to make Barack Obama look (perhaps rightly) thoroughly inexperienced.

However, the most fun one might have in American politics over the next while might be found in watching Al Gore not declare his candidacy. He looks pretty good these days, following an Oscar win, and is shorn of beard, extra pounds, and self-pity that have weighed down his post-presidential bid years. Actually, it’s hard to believe it’s been the better part of a decade since he lost (or didn’t lose) the 2000 election.

The web is flooded with draft Gore websites (here, here, here, here). James Carville has apparently been telling anyone who will listen for months that the former Vice President will jump in. Gore himself seems to have limited his ‘campaign’ to a few jokes on the Oscars and SNL. It's all far more entertaining than watching Senators Clinton and Obama spar about nothing, or Senator Biden make poor racial jokes by accident.

Given how early everyone else has gotten into the race, Gore would have to get serious pretty quickly. If he’s still joking about it six months from now, no one will be listening. Obama aside, he’d be Clinton’s only serious competition for the nomination. If he wants it. Which at this point is anyone’s guess.

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