Sunday, December 17, 2006

Iraq Again...

The New York Times has turned up a new and truly frightening reason to be worried about the future of Iraq. Seems some folks in Dick Chaney's office have begun to think that trying to stop escalating violence in Iraq is a non-starter. I'm with them there, but their answer is that they should take sides--turn away from power-sharing and support Shiites in an inevitable open civil war.

Given that this would mean supporting Shiite death squads, and likely the outright opression of Sunni population, it would the most open American support for foreign atrocities in living memory. At its nader it could mean supporting ethnic cleansing and genocide, if things got bad enough. Add this to the genocide Bush Administration is already tacity supporting in Darfur, and the human rights record of the Bush Administration would be altogether worse even than one might generally imagine--which is pretty scary.

2008 really can't come soon enough.
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