Thursday, November 16, 2006

Congo results

As of last night the numbers are in in DRC, and apparently Kinshasa is (provisionally) pretty calm. The long awaited election, one of the most complex in the history of international election supervision, has come off pretty well.

This is good news. It's also probably good news--well, not bad news--that Joseph Kabila has won. He's probably corrupt, possibly inept, and certainly not the great leader his campaign made him out to be. But then, neither would anyone else have been, and likely no one else had the broad base of support to maintain anything like peace and security over any large portion of the country.

This also means that relatively little tangible political change will have resulted from the bloodiest conflict anywhere since WWII. That we can call that good says something breathtaking about the condition of sub-Saharan Africa. Say what we will about the limits of peace and reconstruction, none of us should be comfortable with that.
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