Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Israel-Palestine, etc:

Sorry for the slow (well, no) traffic lately, folks. Here’s something small of interest: a statement through the International Crisis Group signed by a 130-odd former statesmen, including a fistful of Cold War leaders, and what feels like about half the retired leadership of Canada. The subject is a new push for negotiations in the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s testament to the intractability of the conflict how unlikely this seems (my view) to produce results. (That almost all the signatories titles are prefixed by the word ‘former’ doesn’t much help either, though.)

Meanwhile, North Korea threatens big explosions (but only for test purposes), the Republican Party shelters a pederast, and a one nuclear state is accusing the other of terrorism against it (not for the first time). Oh, and Georgia got itself in trouble with Russia in a pretty bad way for a day or two there. Will write more when I can.

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