Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just bits and pieces today folks:

First up, this guy’s assessment of the fallout from the recent terror arrests in the UK. A bit loud, but he’s basically right. The police anti-terror system we’re got in place basically works—arrests prove it. Were the issue not being effectively dealt with, something a lot worse would be happening. As it happens, I don’t think there’s been a single terror-related death in North America in the last three or four years. (The link’s been drifting around several days now, but I just couldn’t resist.)

The winners from an Iranian contest for Holocaust-themed political cartoons are now pretty easy to find online. The contest was held in response to the Danish cartoon scandal of a while back. The Israeli government news agency had cleverly pre-empted their availability by making some of them available online themselves, with their own commentary. This has been so effective that I’ve had trouble finding any other source. (Surely Google will sort you out if you want one.) In any case, the Danish Mohammed cartoons are here. Both sets are pretty appalling—some of the Holocaust ones are truly bizarre. Nonetheless, free speech being a great thing, I thought I’d pass this along. I’m linking them strictly, as they say, for educational purposes. If you’re easily offended, feel free to read neither.

Lastly, the truce in Lebanon. No particular link for this, but I thought I ought to say something. Hezbollah and Israel have both gone to great lengths to declare victory in the last few days. It seems to me that the conflict, in addition to being needlessly bloody, was monumentally inconclusive for both. Neither achieved their objective, although the military weakening of Hezbollah probably represents a partial if bitter achievement for Israel. This is matched on the other side by Hezbollah’s increased political profiled regionally. Regardless, the only real losers or winners will be the Lebanese people and the Lebanese state—and their fate remains largely to be seen.

This is probably the last entry for a few days, as I’ll be out of town. Have a good weekend and all that. Will probably at it Monday.

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