Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ignatieff, Kennedy, Harper on Lebanon

I should probably back down an inch or two on my comments about Michael Ignatieff a few days back. Liberal blogs (I won’t even try to link ‘em all, but progressive bloggers has a bunch) have been crawling with complaints about his silence. In any case, he does seem to have had an ongoing family emergency—heck, his campaign couldn’t seem to find him at one point. Seems he was in Budapest visiting his wife’s very ill parents, and had a flight cancelled. We should all be more sympathetic.

Here, finally, is his fairly comprehensive view—leave it to him to score his very own column inches in the Globe to make up for days of silence. I largely agree, although it rather lacks the flair of Gerard Kennedy’s recent open letter to Harper, re: a recent conservative fundraising appeal capitalizing on the crisis in Lebanon. Hope I don’t have to tell anyone to be appalled by that last bit.

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