Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Just short stuff today folks.

First off, does it strike anyone else as odd that a UN member state would target the facilities of a UN mission intended, among other things, to protect its security? I’m beginning to wonder if the IDF has simply lost the plot. No flies on ‘em for PR skills, though—see the Israeli UN Ambassador’s comments, straight from the Bush playbook.

The Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, a memorial to Japan’s war dead (including a number of war criminals) can’t seem to stay out of the news. Turns out the wartime emperor stopped visiting after the 14 war criminals were enshrined there. Current Prime Minister Jonichiro Koizumi still goes, but the Japanese apparently don’t want him to.

A bunch of Wal-Mart employees in Saskatchewan are slowing beginning to defy the laws of physics—they’re unionizing. Better yet, the retailer's attempt to block provincial labour board jurisdiction on the issue has just been stopped short in the courts.

Finally, this is for anyone still mistaking Hugo Chavez for any kind of democrat. See also his lovely free speech record, here and here.

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