Monday, July 31, 2006

DRC Elections

60 million people
8 years since the onset of war
3.8 million dead
46 years since the last election
25.6 million voters
32 presidential candidates
9,709 parliamentary candidates
50,000 polling stations
1000+ still dying daily

Yesterday was (finally) election day in DR Congo. No results just yet, but that isn’t keeping anyone from talking about it. Despite some unrest, looks like things actually went off pretty well. I've got nowhere near the expertise to comment, but here are some links:

And here's some commentary, etc:

  • Why the war was ignored by the west
  • DRC army kills civilians while supported by UN troops
  • A generally pessimistic assessment of the post-election environment
  • New York Times bit on children in DRC

Any one in need of background can flip through the Wikipedia articles on the country or the war.

Lastly, for anyone who’s French is up to it, here’s coverage from a daily in BrusselsBelgium being the former colonial power.

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