Saturday, July 29, 2006

Canada and Lebanon

The Toronto Star has handly assembled the views of 10 of 11 candidates for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada concerning the conflict in Lebanon and the Harper government's handling of it. The 11th candidate, inconveniently enough, is frontrunner Michael Ignatieff. Ignatieff could not be reached for comment because he was (quite reasonably) attending a family funeral in Europe. That said, mightn't he have commented at some point in the previous two weeks of the conflict? Most of the other candidates have either rejected Harper's objections to an immediate ceasefire, rejected his undiluted support for Israel, called for greater Canadian diplomatic involvement, or all of the above.

It's a bit tempting to infer from his silence that Ignatieff actually backs Harper on this. He looks less liberal by the day.

A wiki guide to the race, with info on candidates.
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